Rahotep's Last Breath

Rahotep's Last Breath

Book 6: Artifact Hunters

One word will shatter her heart…

Cara finally unearths a clue about the mage who created Nefertiti’s Heart, but there’s one prospect more terrifying than whatever lurks in the obsidian chest… her daughter leaving home.

On her eighteenth birthday, Rachel announces her intention to embark on an adventure. She wants to break free of her family’s protective care, see the world, and escape the whispers in her head that have grown more insistent.

The two women journey to Egypt on the trail of an ancient mystery, but Rachel chaffs under the maternal bonds. As Cara is drawn back through time to walk in the footsteps of Nefertiti, mother and daughter need to forge a new relationship. Only if they stand united to face the voice from the shadows, can they stop the man intent on destroying everything they love…