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Merry Christmas and a reflection on 2018

I can’t believe its December already! This year I released 3 books which is a record for me and it’s certainly been a roller coast ride. I poured a lot of time and energy into Dawn’s Promise hoping that readers would enjoy something different from me and a new world that would support several new books. Alas things didn’t turn out that way and such is life. I will conclude the trilogy next year with Dusk’s Revenge and have abandoned plans I had for other books in that world.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the readers who picked up Nessy’s Locket and returned to the Artifact Hunters world. After a break of 3 years, writing that book was like going home and I found the whole gang waiting for me to tell their next adventure :)

I have very vague plans for a book 6, but I don’t know if/when that will happen. I’m feeling rather burned out and I have a hot Christmas holiday planned with my kindle! lol I am going to spend a couple of weeks parked by a pool and tackling my massive TBR pile which has been woefully neglected this year. So many fabulous books have been released and they are all waiting for me to dive in.

I hope all my readers have a fabulous break (however you celebrate it) and time with friends and family.

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