September news and updates


This month the Historical Fantasy Bookclub is reading THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN by Sylvia Hunter

In the hallowed halls of Oxford’s Merlin College, the most talented—and highest born—sons of the Kingdom of Britain are taught the intricacies of magickal theory. But what dazzles can also destroy, as Gray Marshall is about to discover…
Gray’s deep talent for magick has won him a place at Merlin College. But when he accompanies four fellow students on a mysterious midnight errand that ends in disaster and death, he is sent away in disgrace—and without a trace of his power. He must spend the summer under the watchful eye of his domineering professor, Appius Callender, working in the gardens of Callender’s country estate and hoping to recover his abilities. And it is there, toiling away on a summer afternoon, that he meets the professor’s daughter.
Even though she has no talent of her own, Sophie Callender longs to be educated in the lore of magick. Her father has kept her isolated at the estate and forbidden her interest; everyone knows that teaching arcane magickal theory to women is the height of impropriety. But against her father’s wishes, Sophie has studied his ancient volumes on the subject. And in the tall, stammering, yet oddly charming Gray, she finally finds someone who encourages her interest and awakens new ideas and feelings.
Sophie and Gray’s meeting touches off a series of events that begins to unravel secrets about each of them. And after the king’s closest advisor pays the professor a closed-door visit, they begin to wonder if what Gray witnessed in Oxford might be even more sinister than it seemed. They are determined to find out, no matter the cost…

Chicken Scratchings

Since there won’t be any books from me this year, I thought I’d start a new feature about daily life in my little slice of rural New Zealand.

Why chicken scratchings? Because these are my homies :) I spend a lot of time talking to my chickens, probably too much time! ;) My girls are either aracanas or aracana mixes. They lay green tinged eggs, although Martha lays an olive egg. They are mostly named for Dr Who companion. I have Ace, Perry, Martha and Rose. We did have a Dr Donna, who ironically turned out to be a rooster and had to go! lol  The last two are Bernard and Queenie from when I went through a Blackadder naming phase.


Exley’s Expeditions

Not much to report as I’m taking a hiatus and enjoying some down time. I am still running my regular monthly paperback giveaway in the group.

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