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Rory, The Sleeper by A.W. ExleyRORY, THE SLEEPER on pre-order

The final book in the Serenity House series is now available.

Who will awaken the sleeper…?

Ella wants the sleeper to stay undisturbed. Especially when it’s Millicent deMage, the first Duchess of Leithfield and a supposed witch who died four hundred years ago. As Ella learns about the history of Serenity House, she begins to realise the long dead duchess could be the key to understanding the pandemic of vermin.

For the final battle Ella needs a new ally, one forged from an old adversary—Charlotte her step-sister. Ever since Ella shattered her world and destroyed her family, the young woman has been trying to figure out how to survive. Now, Charlotte is the one woman who can anchor Ella in this world as she does battle in another.

Sometimes the fiercest battles are the ones we fight in our minds. But this might be one fight Ella can’t win and she will be the one trapped and put to sleep forever…




To those of you who prefer paper over digital… I now have both PANIHA’S TANIWHA and THE UNICORN’S TAIL available in paperback :)



This month we are reading and talking about BURNING BRIGHT by Melissa McShane if you want to come join the discussion!

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