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This month the Historical Fantasy Book Club is reading the Deathsniffer’s Assistant by Kate McIntyre.

After losing his parents in the Floating Castle Incident, the sensitive and mannered Chris Buckley has spent six years raising his magically talented little sister, Rosemary, on the savings that his once-wealthy family left behind. But that money is drying up, and Chris finds himself with no choice but to seek out work in Darrington City as it spirals into a depression. The only employer willing to consider his empty résumé is Olivia Faraday, the manic Deathsniffer. Olivia’s special magical gift gives her a heightened intuition which makes her invaluable in hunting down murderers.

When a Duchess of the mysterious Old Blooded Nobility calls on Olivia to solve the mystery of her dead husband, Chris finds himself tangled in Olivia Faraday’s daily life and unable to extract himself from the macabre questions of the investigation. His involvement grows more complicated as political forces in Darrington close around Rosemary, seeing her as a tool that can be used to end the depression at the cost of her freedom—or even her life. Chris must juggle the question of who killed Viktor val Daren with the responsibility of keeping Rosemary and her magic safe from those who would use her up and toss her aside. Worst of all, he begins to learn that the national disaster that took his parents’ lives may not have been the accident it seemed.

Work in Progress

I’m working on book one in a new series set in a new world. It’s both fun and challenging to wrap my head around a whole new cast of characters and a new world to build. So far, true to form, no one is behaving as expected, numerous plot bunnies are jumping around and I’m having difficulty wrangling everybody into their allotted positions…

Exley’s Expeditions

This month Exley’s Expeditions have a sneak peak at my new work in progress, Dawn’s Promise. It’s a gothic romance with a paranormal twist and deliciously over the top! :)

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