December news and updates

HF Bookclub

This month the HF Bookclub are kicking back. We all have groaning devices and mountainous TBR piles, so instead of a book we are having a movie weekend. We will be watching Lady Hawke which I picked because I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

Chicken Scratchings

Summer hit with a BANG Downunder and overnight the temperature shot up to the 30s C (90+ F). Apparently we are going to have an extreme heatwave and drought this summer :( We’re doing some work out in the garden to ensure we have somewhere to escape the heat (no air con here!) and we have a large shade sail to erect.

Exley’s Expeditions

I’ve been quiet for a long time due to real life events, but I am slowly emerging and making plans for 2018. Next year will see the start of a new series, kicking off with Dawn’s Promise. This book was inspired by seeing the movie Crimson Peak, which reminded me how much I adored gothic novels as a teen. I wanted to write a series as my take on the gothic novel. It is a slight departure from what I normally write but I hope readers will enjoy it.

That’s all from me for December. Wishing everyone a happy festive season, no matter how you celebrate it. I’ll be back in the New Year hopefully with book news! :)

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