Will there be more Artifact Hunters?

I’ve had a few people contact me and ask if there will be any more books. I said book 4 was THE END. I hinted that I killed everybody and the only way they were coming back was as zombies… zombie artifact hunters? It could work… lol

Now I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. Not a single word is written, in fact there is only the tiniest whisper of an idea in the back of my head that *maybe* it’s not over. I have some real life/health stuff taking up mental energy at the moment, so IF there is another book, it won’t be for at least a year. However, I am exploring some options. Here’s some ideas (and I know, I know, I promised some of these last year)…

1. An origins story. How Nate left home at 18, met Jackson and Loki, climbed aboard a pirate airship and established himself as the Villainous Viscount.

2. A prequel story about Fraser’s hunt for The Grinder, the serial killer who preyed on working girls.

3. Paniha’s Taniwha. This is the story of Loki’s adventures in Aotearoa and explains where he was during book 4.

4. Book 5 exploring events hinted at in the closing chapters of book 4.

5. A book set 10 years in the future.

What would you vote for? Now I can’t guarantee anything, but I am open to peer pressure :)

Thoughts about THE QUARRY

the quarry coverIn 2013 I wrote a short story called THE QUARRY for a charity anthology. And then a funny thing happened. Some people asked where was the rest of the book. And I went, what book? Seriously? You guys want a whole book about gargoyles…?

Now, I did seriously consider it. I even had a cover made! But then I thought there are so many other authors out there tackling the genre in general (and gargoyles in particular), who do it so much better.

When I wrote the short story I imagined their world with the dark noir Batman/Gotham type vibe. But if you *really* want me to give it a go, I’m thinking of going a bit further back in time. How about gargoyles in the 1920s? With prohibition, jazz music, mob rule and dirty cops?

Yes or no? :)

A new look

Hi everyone, I’m in the process of switching my site over to a new service. I wanted to create something simple and cleaner. However from my end I seemed to have killed it, but I’m told everyone but me can see it! lol

Hopefully things will be up and running shortly. Please leave a comment if there is any information in particular you are looking for, that you’re not finding. New releases? Buy links? Social media? Let me know what you’re after. I would love to incorporate into this new site the things readers are seeking.

thank you :)