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Artifact Hunters #5 anybody…?

The most asked question I field from readers is “will there be another Artifact Hunters book?”

Β And I’ve always answered “no” and pointed readers here for the fuller explanation of why it simply isn’t feasible.

Then a funny thing happened… I started thinking about maybe, just possibly, I could write one more. The idea grew and its been sitting in the back of my head. Now the idea just won’t go away. I’m suppose to be writing Dusk’s Revenge, the final instalment in the Silent Wings trilogy… and I keep wondering how Cara is getting on. Did she break her news to Nate? How would they keep Kirill a secret from the queen? Has Helene got any madder and have any other body parts fallen off? What exactly have they all been up to in the last 3 years since I wrote Moseh’s Staff?

So here is your opportunity dear reader… do you want to see a book 5 and if so, what burning question do you have, that you would like to see resolved? ;)

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